CEO Word

Mina Michael - CEO at BestTechoo I had a great passion with this mysterious, powerful world and its rapid change until its growth, it has the magical effect upon me in opening unlimited horizons.

Fortunately, you only need a personal computer to start learning and experimenting with your ideas trying morning and night until it succeeds because the device will not be biased or compliment you.

11 years ago I had dreamed of founding BestTechoo software company, It was not an easy decision and the road is full of challenges, Leaving a fixed job for private one looked a kind of madness to some people.

BestTechoo started from friends and now serves everyone, our goal is to specialize in

“Analyzing and solving technical and technological problems and challenges to suit the business needs with the available budget with the specified timeframe.”

The confidence of companies and organizations before individuals was not a coincidence or even an adventure but an effort and success became visible and for sure a good choice and deep vision from them, We thank them a lot for their continued support and promising to provide every new, effective and keeping the preservation of their trust.

Eng\ Mina Michael – CEO & Founder of BestTechoo